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Akashic Chronicles episode 2 russ

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Description: Sistine Fibel is a very remarkable sorceress. One day she decides to enroll in a magic academy to hone her magical skills and try to uncover the great secret of the “Sky Fortress”. Some time passes, and her beloved teacher disappears, and he is replaced by a guy named Glen, who became a teacher at the academy on the recommendation of a famous witch. And everything would be fine, but in reality Glen turns out to be very lazy and slow, and does not take his work seriously at all. And how could such a mediocrity be chosen by the most outstanding witch of the academy? However, over time, Glen still shows that he is perfectly versed in magical theory. Will Sistine be able to uncover Glen's secret, and most importantly, will she be able to learn the great secret of the "Sky Fortress"?
Categories: Hentai
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